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Stay In The Home 

Step-by-Step Options Of Staying In The Home.


Start Fresh

Sell The Property, Pay The Debt, and Keep The Rest.


Inherited Property

Know Your Rights and Understand Your Options.


Melissa English

Realtor, Foreclosure Prevention Specialist 

Thousands of people face challenges daily, and more things are disheartening than losing a home to foreclosure.

I have helped hundreds of families (including my own) stop the foreclosure sale and regain control.  While some owners decide to stay in the home, others prefer to sell the property and start fresh.  


In either case, what is most important to remember is that the power is still in your hands as to what happens with your property until the foreclosure sale date (even if you have already moved or if the house needs a lot of work).

While making the right decision can be an overwhelming amount of emotions, having someone to trust is key.  I promise to help you (not overwhelm you) so that you understand your options and rights and make the best decision for YOU!  I guarantee never any high-pressure sales tactics as I work by my core value, "Treat others the way you expect to be treated".  

Please Note: Your options become limited the closer to the sale date, so don’t let time pass, or leave money on the table.

Contact me today for your no-obligation & free consultation! 


Melissa English

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Contact Melissa Today For a Free No-Obligation, No-Pressure Consultation To Discuss The Best Solutions For YOU!


Stay In The Home

Yes! You have legal rights to stay in the home, but knowing what to do to exercise those rights can feel overwhelming.  Register today for your free consultation and we will give you the step-by-step strategies to stay in the home.


Start Fresh Solutions

Sometimes the best option is to start fresh.  With this option, you have complete control to sell the property, pay off debts, and use the remaining funds for a new home.  This solution is an option for you even if the property needs a lot of work, or if you have already moved out. 


Register for your Free consultation so we can discuss our guaranteed selling strategies with you.


Inherited Property Solutions

The loss of a loved one is one of life's biggest challenges in itself, and handling the assets can be a separate challenge.  

There is a chance the home has been vacant for a while and needs extensive repairs, or it could be in perfect condition.  In either case, the property holds value and you have rights to that.  

You can gain control by stopping the foreclosure sale, and keeping the property for family generations, or selling the home to pay for expenses.


Register for your Free consultation and let us review the options with you. 


Your Home Sold

With over 18 years in the real estate sales business, we have developed strategies to sell your property for the highest net sales price, in any condition, and in as little as 3 business days.

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